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good words. good people.

  • Efficient & Professional

    The Bathroom renovation appears to have been completed in an efficient and professional manner. We are enjoying it every single day

  • Great Efficiency & Strength

    We were worried about the mess that would be caused by the demolition of the old bathroom. However, Mitchell handled this bathroom renovation with great efficiency and strength and so the rubble problem was kept to a minimum.


  • Always Available & Professional

    The finished job is excellent. We cannot fault the professional finish. The advice from Mitchell all the way through the job was friendly, always available and professional. It was his manor that impressed us most.

Curious about Bathroom Remodeling Costs? And, time frames?

Some Bathroom Remodels are Quick and Easy

bathroom renovation

You’d be surprised at the “bang for your buck” you can get if you don’t need to relocate any plumbing and you don’t want to move any walls. Utilizing the eye of a master contractor (that’s us), and working with the “bones” of your existing bathroom, most clients are able to achieve stunning results with a complete budget-friendly bathroom renovation in about two weeks of actual construction time.

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For the More Discriminating Client


If you’ve got a vision that’s a little more involved, that’s where North Shore Bathrooms really has the opportunity to shine.  Got an image from a magazine?… Found a specific design online that you absolutely must have? We can make that dream a reality!  The same exact high-end design and finished product at a price point well below what you’d pay for the services of an interior designer.  With your direction, or ideas, our skilled design team will put together the bathroom you’ve always wanted. And we love doing it!

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Coordination is the Key to a happy customer.

It all comes down to one key factor - coordination


Over the years, we’ve learned how to coordinate better than most. We specialize in bathroom remodeling so whether your project is small or large, we’ve got it down to a science. We never cut corners because we never have to. Every aspect of your bathroom remodel is strategically planned before we ever step foot in your home to begin construction.

Here’s what you can expect for your renovation


A detailed timeline of your project prior to us commencing any work Timely execution of the project plans. Plastic-zippered wall enclosures over any involved doorways to keep dust and particles from spreading throughout your home. Heavy protecting paper and low tack tape covering any trafficked areas. Hallways, doorways, stairs and any other miscellaneous surfaces are all well-protected so that when we leave, any trace of a construction crew comes right along with us. Experience, expert design, cutting-edge techniques and “green” construction materials whenever feasible.

Most importantly…what you get with North Shore Bathrooms is Peace of Mind.

That calm feeling that you’ll get when you realize that you made the right decision. You chose a contractor that cares about quality and has followed all the proper guidelines and regulations to ensure your remodeling experience was nothing less than top-shelf.

Save yourself the headaches of dealing with a “Big-Box” Retailer and don’t even entertain the notion of dealing with a non-licensed contractor. Contact the “Specialists” at North Shore Bathrooms today. Call 778-228-2405

We look forward to hearing from you.

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